Setting the Standard for Quality and Service

Custom DNA/RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis

A special program in cooperation with
The Biotechnology Core Facility
at Kansas State University

IDT ordering information:

0.25 nM synthesis scale standard, with an average yield of >15 OD's.
0.25 nM oligos of < 5 OD's are resynthesized before shipping.

Deprotected and gel column purified at no extra charge. This higher quality desalting removes residual chemistry and short truncated products.

Quantitated twice by U.V. spectrophotometry and shipped with the exact MW, Tm, A260U, mg, nanomoles and sequence composition.

Delivered lyophilized.

Turn Around
Orders received by 5 P.M. are shipped the next day by standard overnight express. . Modified or additionally purified oligos are shipped in 5-7 days.
Technical Support

For a complete list of synthesis scales, purification and modification options available, visit the IDT website.  When you order through the KSU Core Facility, there are no shipping charges (except for overnight orders) and you receive a 10% discount on purification and modifications.

For questions regarding DNA Synthesis, please
email Gary Radke at

This discount is available to KSU Corelab Facility customers only. For more information about Integrated DNA Technologies see their homepage.

Check out IDT's recycling program.

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Janurary 10, 2006