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Requesting Letters of Accommodation

Students are responsible for requesting letters each semester accommodations are needed.  If you take classes on campus, a quick trip to the office is in order. If you are an online student, give the office a phone call or send an email.  You will meet briefly with a staff member to go over current accommodations.  If there are no changes, you will fill out a request for letters form.  The office then emails you the letters of accommodation which you will provide to professors.  We highly recommend that students print off the letters and hand deliver them.  This allows for a face-to-face conversation about the accommodations.  If you would rather forward letters to instructors you can, however, a conversation still needs to take place.  Without a conversation, instructors may be confused as to how a particular accommodation is going to work in the classroom.  Communication is key to successful implementation of accommodations.

If you would like to discuss any changes to the accommodations, you will meet with an access advisor.  Students may require different accommodations for different courses or the status of a diagnosis can change over time and these changes will be taken into consideration.

Student information in this section, located in the left navigation panel includes an overview of accommodations and services.  This information is not meant to be all-inclusive.  We work with each individual student to provide "reasonable accommodations" for the academic environment.