Academic Departmental Guidelines/Documents

Each academic department is required by University Handbook policy to develop department documents containing criteria, standards, and guidelines for promotion, tenure, reappointment, annual evaluation and merit salary allocation. These documents must be approved by a majority vote of the faculty members in the department, by the department head or chair, by the dean concerned, and by the provost. They must be reviewed and re-submitted every five years, or as necessary.  Dates of revision (or the vote to continue without revision) must appear on the first page of the document. 

In addition, each department has developed a set of guidelines describing the minimum-acceptable level of productivity for all applicable areas of responsibility for the faculty, as well as procedures to handle such cases of chronic low achievement. Minimum-acceptable levels of productivity are defined along with a clear explanation as to how the department or unit will determine when a tenured faculty member's low performance in one or more instances fails overall to meet the minimum acceptable level. These guidelines are to be included in the department's evaluation document. The outcome of K-State's Post Tenure Review can be obtained, in PDF format, by clicking on the underlined portion of this sentence.

In accordance with University Handbook policy, provision must be made to review these documents at least once every five years or more frequently if it is determined to be necessary. Dates of revision (or the vote to continue without revision) must appear on the first page of the document.

This site contains the following information for every academic department: Department Mission Statement; Departmental Promotion, Tenure, and Reappointment Criteria; Annual Evaluation and Merit Salary Allocation Procedures; Departmental Minimum Standards; Chronic Low Achievement Procedures; and Dates of Revision for Departmental Documents.

Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP's): This office is also the depository of department/unit COOP's.  To complete the COOP form, the instructions [Pandemic Flu Instructions] are in a document linked right above the link to the plan form [Pandemic Flu Form] at: The department/unit's documents will be filed by the Office of Academic Personnel but will not be available online.  Please follow the links to your department/unit to see if our office has a COOP on file.

Guidelines for the Organization and Format of Tenure and Promotion Documentation (pdf | Word)

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