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Udall Undergraduate Scholarship

The $7,000 Udall scholarship honors former Congressman Morris K. Udall of Arizona. It is open to college sophomores or juniors preparing for careers related to the environment or to Native American health care or tribal public policy, causes championed by Udall. K-State is third in the nation among state-supported schools and fifth  overall in Udall scholarship competition.

2016 Jael Whitney, Overland Park (hon. mention)

2013 Kaitlin Morgan, Deefield (hon. mention)

2013 Barret Wellemeyer, Derby (hon. mention)

2011 Rachel Hoppins, Wichita

2011 DeeAnn-Rose Turpin, Leavenworth (hon. mention)

2011 Mark Sowers, Spring Hill (hon. mention)

2009 Andrew McGowan, Prairie Village

2008 Nicholas Long, Topeka

2008 Iris Wilson, Manhattan

2007 Brad Lutz, Andover

2007 Ella Todd, Manhattan

2007 Sally Maddock, Lakewood, Colorado (hon. mention)

2006 Matthew King, Wichita

2006 Adrienne Stolwyk, Liberty, Missouri

2006 Matt Woerman, Topeka

2006 Sally Maddock, Lakewood, Colorado (hon. mention)

2006 Mark Ruzicka, Springfield, Missouri (hon. mention)

2005 Trisha Culbertson, New Strawn

2005 Mark Ruzicka, Springfield, Missouri (hon. mention)

2004 Judd Patterson, Salina (hon. mention)

2002 Cathrine "Kati" Cleavinger, Leavenworth (hon. mention)

2002 Diana Sjogren, Wichita (hon. mention)

2001 Dawn Dechand, Topeka

2000 Steven M. Briggeman, Iuka

2000 Ben Champion, Olathe

2000 Dawn Dechand, Topeka

1999 Steven Alley, Overland Park

1999 Sarah Glaser, Emporia

1999 Stacy Meredith, Papillion, Nebraska

1999 Jennifer Wright, Lakin

1997 Nathan Nelson, Manhattan

1997 Kevin Stamm, Washington

1996 Stefanie Ann Huff, Omaha, Nebraska

1996 Steve L. McGinnis, Matfield Green