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Yang Lab

Division of Biology
Kansas State University
317 Ackert Hall (Office)
411 Ackert Hall (Lab)

Phone (lab): 785-532-6152


The Yang Lab studies virus, the most abundant organism on earth. Viruses infect all cellular life and they are the best cell biologists. Many viruses cause deadly diseases in human, other animals and plants. We are particularly interested in poxviruses. Poxviruses comprise a large family of viruses with large, linear DNA genomes. Smallpox, the deadliest viral disease in human history, is caused by variola, a member of poxviruses. Poxviruses also cause many other currently endemic human and animal diseases, for example, monkeypox, cowpox and Molluscum contagiosum. Poxviruses are becoming more widely developed to prevent or treat many infectious diseases and cancers.

We are seeking a highly motivated scientist to fill the position of a postdoctoral fellow researcher. The qualified individual will investigate NIH-funded project on poxvirus-host interactions, focusing on molecular mechanisms requlating selective protein synthesis during viral infection. Applicants need to submit a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, and Names and contact information for three professional references. Please see more details and apply through "apply now" at the following link.



2019 lab lunch  

Lab Lunch to celebrate graduation of Pragyesh and Marlene (May 2019)







Recent lab news

September 2019

Our work was used as the example of success in Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities and Discovery during President Myers' State of the University address 2019.


August 2019

Congratulations to Josh Spradlin and Lake Winter for winning K-INBRE Undergraduate Research Scholar Awards!

July 2019

We receive an RO1 grant to study vaccinia virus protein synthesis. Many thanks to NIH for supporting our research by a group of dedicated scientists in the Yang lab at K-State!

June 2019

Congratulations to Pragyesh for being selected as Kansas State University’s nominee for the CGS/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award in the Biological Sciences!

May 2019

Josh Molina joined the Yang lab. Josh is a Ph.D. student. Welcome, Josh!

April 2019

Congrats to Marlene for the Dean of Student Life Outstanding Graduating Senior Award and the Robinson Family Multicultural Leadership Award!

Pragyesh passed his Ph.D. defense. Congrats to Dr. Dhungel!

Anil Pant was selected to receive an American Society for Virology Travel Award to attend the 2019 ASV annual meeting in the Twin Cities, MN. Congrats to Anil!

Our manuscript "Asparagine is a critical limiting metabolite for vaccinia virus protein synthesis during glutamine deprivation" is accepted for publication in the Journal of Virology.  Congrats to Anil and Harry!