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spacerYou can promote a family game night in several different ways. At the simplest level, you can distribute information about Family Game Night to the public. For example, you could use the Game Night information page and the frequently asked questions (FAQ) as part of a news release or newspaper column. You could print these pages and give them out to an audience. You could also download the PDF "Family Game Night" file (coming soon). This publication consists of two handouts on one page, so just print, cut, and distribute.

spacerAt the next level, you could meet with parents face-to-face to talk about the importance of families playing games together. You might introduce them to one or more games on our recommended list and discuss the program goals. If you had time or could meet again, discuss the factors involved in evaluating games. You will find these (and links to their descriptions) at the top of each column on the Review List. Leave the handout with them with the website address.

spacerFinally, you could schedule a community event to launch an emphasis on Family Game Night. This event would be offered to parents and other caregivers only. You could obtain several of the games and set them up for participants to examine and play. You could discuss the goals that can be achieved and answer any questions they might have (if they ask questions not on our FAQ, please pass them on to us so we can add them). You could choose to emphasize games for 5-8 year olds, focus on older audience of older grade schoolers or teens, or not have an age focus at all. Distribute the handout at the meeting.

spacerYou could consider offering a follow-up gathering that would involve children and their parents together who have the opportunity to choose and play games during the meeting. Parents could also be invited to bring games from home to show others if they wish.

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