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spacerEvaluation will vary depending on the method you use to reach parents. If you only refer parents and other caregivers to the website, you will have to depend on parents completing the online evaluation on their own found at the website. Once we gather a sufficient number of returns, we will create a link to evaluation summaries that you can read and use in your reports.

spacerIf you have offered an orientation to parents and other caregivers on introducing family games, or if you have involved families in community events to introduce games, you have several alternatives for collecting evaluation information:

bulletPrint the online evaluation and distribute to participants
bulletAdd questions of your own to the survey
bulletConduct a follow-up telephone survey (using the questions similar to the online evaluation) with a sample of participants
bulletHave someone record observations of participant involvement in the learning experience

spacerThe most important source of evaluation would be a 3-6 month follow-up survey. Be creative in finding other ways to evaluate the goals of the program. If you gather such data, I would be very interested in receiving the results. Please mail them to me

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