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Fowl Play box
Fowl Play cards
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Designers Robert Bushnell
Manufacturer Gamewright
Year 2002
Source Domestic

Quick Summary
spacerHere's a fast paced card game that lets you count your chickens in a batch! Turn over one, then two, three four... Think you can count any more? Five, six, seven eight...better stop before it's too late! The more chickens you count, the more points you'll get. But if you turn over a wolf card, all your points fly the coop! The player with the highest score wins.
spacerFowl Play is a very simple game that introduces children to the idea of risk taking and probability. Do you take a chance and turn over one more card or do you play it safe. Success can only be gained by taking a risk... but how much risk?
spacerThe game has interesting implications for teaching children about courage and heroism and could lead to some interesting discussions about facing real life difficulties. Fowl Play is not a deep game and is not something you would play for an entire game session. But its a great way to start or end a game gathering. The "low" score on parts should not be interpreted as poor quality. The game's lighthearted illustrations are fine and cardstock is very good as well. The quality is certainly adequate but, considering the price, nothing exceptional.

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