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AngelicaGrandletter 9 (child): Conflict and violence
  • Read your Special Letter from your grandparent.
  • Prepare your Special Letter:
    Tell about a time when you were involved in a fight or disagreement. What happened? How did you solve the conflict? Discuss ways to solve conflicts. How do you solve your conflicts or problems with parents or friends? Anything you think is important!
  • For your grandparent's scrapbook:
    Draw a picture of a time when you were in a fight or hurt by someone. At the bottom of your picture describe what happened to you and show how you solved the conflict.
  • Optional Activities (Choose as many as you want to do):
    Special Code. Your grandparent may send you a special code for the first thirteen letters of the alphabet. If they send this you can finish by deciding on the code for the last thirteen letters. For example if the letters L=1, E=9, V=!, O=* then what does this say in code - 1*!9?
    Peace Banner. You will need fabric or felt, colored paper or plain paper and crayons or watercolors. Decide on a peace design of your choice. What kind of picture can you make about the idea of peace?
  • Mail your letter and anything else you made to your grandparent.

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