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Your parents have visited with you about a fun project. In the months ahead, you will be receiving special letters from your grandparents. They want to do this so you can get to know more about them and they will learn to know more about you.

After you get a letter from your grandparents, you of course will need to answer them. Your grandparents want to know about what you like to do, something about your friends, your feelings, your dreams, what you like to play, about your school, and so many other things. And you will learn more about what they did when they were young and how much they love and cherish you.

Your parents will help you if you want them to. They will help you collect ideas, explain the letters if that is needed, prepare a scrapbook to keep all the things your grandparent sends to you, and make drawings, pictures, and small objects to send to your grandparents.

I hope you get as much fun out of this program as your grandparents will. As you grow older, you will learn to appreciate more and more what your grandparents think and feel. Good luck!

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