Thanks for visiting and welcome to the Responsive Discipline website at Kansas State University. The word “discipline” is often misunderstood. You may be feeling a lot of pressure to respond to what others view as “misbehavior” in your child. You may be feeling pressure by others in your family or community to take control and be “in charge.” You may be alarmed by your child’s behavior. Or you may be visiting us because you are curious about our perspective on discipline.

In a society where there is little agreement about values, where is the consensus about the rules parents should establish? At a time when many families are fragmented by divorce, where is the community support that isolated that single parents need? In a society where many parents are often afraid of being rejected by their children, where is the courage to be firm with the values closest to their hearts?

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NEW! A series of YouTube videos on the fundamentals of Responsive Discipline and a Guide for Program Leaders outlining a series of five sessions introducing parents and teachers to Responsive Discipline. You can visit our YouTube Channel (opens in new window) for all the videos as they are developed.

Here is the first video, a good place to introduce this new series.

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Beginning September 20, 2010
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