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AngelicaGrandletter 4 (child): Responsibility and courage
  • Read your Special Letter from your grandparent.
  • Prepare your Special Letter:
    Tell about a time when you acted courageously. How did you feel about what happened? Talk about the chores you are responsible for. Anything you think is important!
  • For your grandparent's scrapbook:
    On a sheet of paper, complete a sentence like, It takes a lot of courage to . . . or Responsibility is important because . . . Illustrate your statements with drawings or pictures from magazines. or write a poem or short story about courage.
  • Optional Activities (Choose as many as you want to do):
    Future Fantasy. Draw a picture or write a story about something you would like to do in the future or when you grow up. Write a brief explanation of how courage or responsibility may play an important part in this dream for your future.
    Responsibilities As You Grow. Cut pictures out of magazines of challenges you may have to face as you grow up. Glue these pictures to sheets of paper. Under these pictures describe how you feel about these challenges.
  • Mail your letter and anything else you made to your grandparent.

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