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AngelicaGrandletter 10 (child): Sadness and grief
  • Read your Special Letter from your grandparent.
  • Prepare your Special Letter:
    Talk about some of the times you were sad and what you did to deal with your feelings. Talk about things that you feel happy about. Tell your grandparent what you liked about your letter exchange. What did you learn about yourself and him or her? Tell your grandparent how you feel about him or her. Anything you think is important!
  • For your grandparent's scrapbook:
    Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner across a sheet of paper. Paste a yellow construction paper sun in the upper half and a blue construction paper cloud on the lower half. Cut out pictures from magazines that portray something that brightens or saddens you. Paste these pictures on the upper or lower part of the page depending on the feeling you assign them. On the back of the page explain why these things brighten or sadden your day.
  • Optional Activities (Choose as many as you want to do):
    Feeling Badges. Design badges of various sizes and shapes. Attach labels of feelings like sad, excited or happy to them. Find a picture in magazines to match these feelings.
    Tree of Life. Draw the trunk and branches of a tree on a large sheet of paper. Make some leaves of construction paper. Label some of the leaves with names of living things. Attach these to the branches. Label the other leaves with names of things that have died and place them on the ground under the tree.
  • Mail your letter and anything else you made to your grandparent.

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