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Wildcat Wind Power

Wildcat Wind Power

Wildcat Wind Power is a competition design team that competes bi-annually at the Collegiate Wind Competition hosted by the United States Department of Energy. This competition is held coincide with the American Wind Energy Association's annual conference.

Each year, Wildcat Wind Power is tasked with the challenge of building a small-scale wind turbine as well as creating a business plan around the turbine to sell in a real-world market. For more information, please see the Collegiate Wind Competition's Rules and Regulations.

How to Join

Wildcat Wind Power is always looking for more business, electrical, and mechanical team members that are passionate about wind power! To join, please email Jake Meyer at to inform him of your interest.

For additional information, please see WWP's previous Faculty Advisor Dr. Miller's webpage.

Windpower Team 2017


Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00 p.m.
45B Rathbone Hall

Jake Meyer,

Faculty Adviser
Dr. Warren White,