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Same song, your own verse

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Kansas State University
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When you care about something on a deep, meaningful level, it makes sense that you want to impart a deep, meaningful legacy. Those who make up the Kansas State University community look for purposeful ways to show appreciation for the people and places that have left such a mark in our lives.

When these opportunities appear, we don’t let them pass by; instead we seek ways to intertwine our personal experiences with the traditions that exemplify K-State values. The manners in which these paths are paved are as numerous as the faces that populate the K-State family — it can take the form of leadership, education, service, friendship or compassion, or perhaps all of the above.

Students may choose a journey that combines undergraduate research with a passion for serving their community. A faculty member may dedicate his or her career to finding a lifesaving breakthrough — or teaching tomorrow’s researchers to find their own. If you’ve stepped foot on the K-State campus or proudly worn a Powercat, you too have the chance to join us in building a community based on supporting individuality and celebrating our heritage.

No matter where you’re from or how you foresee your future, the Wildcat anthem is loud and never-ending. What will your verse say about you?

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