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Purple is a lifestyle:  K-State is more than a family, it's a way of life

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Some people are destined to be Wildcats from their first purple onesie. Others fall in love with the Kansas State University culture later in life. No matter how they find their way to our storied limestone buildings, thousands of freshman start their life-changing college experience at K-State each year.

These men and women come from small communities, large metropolises on each coast, faraway countries and everything in between. They will move into residence halls and Greek houses, accept diplomas and cheer on the 'Cats for the rest of their lives — all stemming from one unbeatable undergraduate experience.

K-State is the No. 1 choice for Kansas high school seniors, but its reach extends far beyond state lines. Students from around the world choose K-State because of its well-known family-like atmosphere and commitment to student satisfaction. In fact, K-State was recently ranked No. 6 in the nation for happiest students.

That's quite an accomplishment, especially when you consider that there are nearly 24,000 students who claim K-State as their second home. There are endless reasons why the undergraduate experience at K-State is so unique, but here are a few examples:

All of these exciting undergraduate opportunities boil down to a solid foundation all K-Staters hold near to their heart — family. Freshman Molly Bassette sums it up well.

"Through all my activities and my sorority, I've found so many 'families' since I've been here," Bassette said. "It's so cool to get to know people who are so much like me, yet so different. It's led to experiences I've never expected."

The pride and passion that K-Staters are known for starts as an undergraduate, and carries on for a lifetime. That's the Wildcat Way.