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Purple pride

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When a student leaves the nest for college, a common refrain of parents around the world is four simple words: "Take care of yourself." At Kansas State University, students quickly learn to tack on an additional phrase: "and others."

Looking out for one another has long been the foundation of the K-State family. More than a decade ago, students came together to create what is now a nationally recognized fundraising campaign known as K-State Proud. To date, the campaign has raised more than one million dollars to help fellow students in need. While students may donate freely whenever they choose, they often donate by purchasing an annual T-shirt that allows them to wear their pride with, well, pride.

The Spring 2019 K-State Proud Campaign Week takes place Feb. 25-March 1. Students, faculty and staff can find Student Foundation and K-State Proud volunteers in the Student Union from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Monday through Friday, collecting donations and distributing this year's Proud T-shirts and other promotional items. Additional campaign events will also be taking place throughout the week:

  • Marching Monday: A special performance from the "Pride of Wildcat Land" complete with free donuts.
  • Thank You Tuesday: Join us in thanking Dr. Bosco, President Myers, and all of our student and faculty donors for a day full of gratitude.
  • Win the Dang Wednesday: Guest appearances from the K-State Athletics department.
  • Family Thursday  I am, We are, K-State Proud: Celebrate ALL K-Staters with special performances and giveaways. You may find your picture on display.
  • Purple Party Friday: Celebrate how K-State PROUD you are with a photo opportunity, free food and more giveaways to show our appreciation for YOU.
  • Proud Game Day Saturday: Watch the 'Cats play Baylor during the K-State Proud basketball game. Wear your Proud shirt!

All money donated is allocated to students who may not be able to continue their K-State education without additional financial assistance. More than 500 students have received help from K-State Proud through the campaign’s Student Opportunity Awards.

From the beginning, the campaign's mantra has been "students helping students." This firmly held belief is highlighted year after year through the amazing outpouring of support from students across all K-State campuses. In the past, the K-State Proud campaign took place during a week in the spring. However, due to increased student support, K-State Proud will now be extended to both fall and spring semesters.

It's important to look after yourself. But, when you're part of a family, you're always on the lookout for someone needing a boost.

That's the Wildcat Way.