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Principles of community

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When you purchase a home, an inspection often reveals hidden concerns that need remedied. One of the most serious complications is a cracked or unstable foundation. When this occurs, the home is not secure, and its future is uncertain. Conversely, a strong foundation ensures long-lasting stability and the potential for growth.

At Kansas State University, we prefer a strong foundation, and that's exactly how we're structured. As a land-grant university, a mindset of service and outreach are already built into our character, but we go one step further. Or, in fact, six steps.

We call them our Principles of Community, and they are the foundation that pushes us forward in research, service, academics and success at all levels. Here are our principles:

  • We affirm the inherent dignity and value of every person and strive to maintain an atmosphere of justice based on respect for each other.
  • We affirm the value of human diversity for community.
  • We affirm the right of each person to freely express thoughts and opinions in a spirit of civility and decency. We believe that diversity of views enriches our learning environment, and we promote open expression within a climate of courtesy, sensitivity, and mutual respect.
  • We affirm the value of honesty and integrity. We will operate with honesty in all professional endeavors and expect the same from our colleagues.
  • We acknowledge that we are a part of multiple communities, and we have an obligation to be engaged in a positive way with our civic partners.
  • We recognize our individual obligations to the university community and to the principles that sustain it. We will each strive to contribute to a positive spirit that affirms learning and growth for all members of the community.

Our campuses are full of examples of these principles brought to life. A perfect illustration is K-State Proud, the university's student-run philanthropy. As the slogan "students helping students" suggests, K-State students raise money for others in emergency financial situations. To date, the campaign has raised more than $1 million.

Principles of Community is exactly that — a community effort. We recognize the value that every individual brings to the table, contributing to the greater good. Whether it's a $10 K-State Proud donation, life-saving research or a game-winning touchdown, each small success and sacrifice ensures K-State's foundation remains strong and purple, built on our family foundation of dignity, justice, diversity, respect, freedom of expression, honesty, integrity, positive engagement and responsibility.

K-State is made of many, but come together as one family. We are united; we are committed; we are the #WildcatWay.