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The future commences

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For some, college is a four-year break from the real world; a time to kick back and enjoy life before establishing a career and responsibilities.

Kansas State University students view their college experience a little differently.

In fact, 94 percent of recent graduate respondents are employed or attending graduate or professional school. Our graduates live across the globe and in our own backyards, making a difference with top corporate employers like Cerner Corporation, Koch Industries, Cargill and Honeywell.

K-Staters succeed because they are here for college beyond the classroom. They know their university is an incubator for career potential, with innovative programs like the Venture Accelerator, providing support to promising student ventures, and the Career Center, offering future-focused resources for all students.

The options are endless—internships that open doors, opportunities on the other side of the globe and personalized levels of support for anyone with a need. Of course, the college experience also is a time of exploration, long-lasting friendships and memories galore, but K-State students know it’s also the launching pad for a successful future.

Out students become change-focused mavericks who make the world a better place for our communities, the global population and K-Staters of the future. With plenty of character and drive, K-State students are jumpstarting careers with limitless possibilities. 

That's the #WildcatWay.