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Applied Wheat Genomics Innovation Lab

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Field poster in India


The goal of this project is to ensure that the yield and economic value of small farm wheat crops in South Asia increases rather than decreases through rapid development of superior climate-resilient wheat varieties.

Specific objectives of the project are:

Objective 1: Early and expanded evaluation in India and Pakistan of four successive annual cohorts of CIMMYT candidate wheat varieties.

Objective 2: Expanded field phenotyping of candidate wheat varieties for heat tolerance in South Asia.

Objective 3: Genotyping: CIMMYT and NARS wheat breeders have access to detailed whole-genome characterization of candidate wheat varieties.

Objective 4: Genomic selection of improved candidate wheat varieties.

Objective 5: Yield and heat tolerance are improved by application of GEBVs to selection of candidate wheat varieties in NARS testing and emerging from CIMMYT’s main breeding stream.

Objective 6: Capacity development for heat stress breeding and application of genomic selection methodology.

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