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September 19, 2013

Alternative Service Committee: University support staff white papers amended from classified employees input

Submitted by Alternative Service Committee

Valuable feedback on the drafted white papers was provided to the Alternative Service Committee from classified employees at 15 open discussion groups in April and May.

The Recruitment White Paper has been removed due to the results of the AON Hewitt findings in which one of the recommendations is to redesign the recruitment process. A concern that was repeated at each session was continued collaboration among university support staff and administration after plan approval. As a result, a new white paper called University Support Staff Transition Plan was developed to address this concern of classified employees. Below is a listing of the top 12 comments received at the open discussion groups, as well as the new white paper, that has been incorporated into the final drafted white papers presented to administration.

  • Discipline and Protection White Paper comments
    • Appeal Board members must have worked at K-State for a minimum of five years, permanent status
    • Ability to dismiss panelists
    • Training for all Appeals Board members
    • Appeals Board Panel to consist of five members; minimum three of the members university support staff
  • Performance Appraisal White Paper comments
    • Shorter performance evaluations
    • Slight customization of performance evaluation
    • Continue the mid-year feedback sessions
    • Add reminder of PER26, or review of position description, completion to evaluation form
  • Compensation White Paper comments
    • Salary increases based partially upon performance and an across-the-board-basis
    • Longevity for all, including those hired after June 15, 2008
    • Continue the lump sum distribution for longevity bonus
    • Latest performance review must meets expectations or higher to be eligible for performance-based salary increase
  • University Support Staff Transition Plan White Paper
    • New white paper created for continued input by university support staff

The final drafted white papers are posted on the Alternative Service Committee website and will be made available to classified employees in the form of a handout at the Benefits Expo on Oct. 3 in the K-State Student Union Ballroom.

Thank you to all who participated in the discussion groups and providing valuable input to make positive impacts for classified employees at Kansas State University.