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August 30, 2013

Alternative Service Committee: Summary of minutes for Aug. 14 meeting

Submitted by Alternative Service Committee

Below is a summary of the Alternative Service Committee minutes from the Aug. 14 meeting. The complete minutes (http://www.k-state.edu/altservcomm/minutes/aug_14_13_minutes.pdf) are online.

Carol Marden reported on the meeting with Classified Senate regarding the “New Transition” white paper. The new white paper was drafted from the concerns expressed by classified employees at the group discussions for oversight of the plan and involvement of classified in future changes of university support staff.

The official notice for announcing the vote was sent by administration on Aug. 13 by email to all classified employees. A revision in the announcement will be made to correct the end time/date of the vote to 1 a.m. on Nov. 22. Discussion was held on how classified employees who work at the different units and off-campus will be notified of the vote. It was suggested to make an announcement of the vote at the upcoming Administration Leadership Retreat and to remind department heads, deans and personnel specialists to make sure all their employees are receiving information regarding the vote.

Marden gave an update on the meeting with general counsel. Concerning the Appeals Board white paper, general counsel requested some clarification be included regarding the role of the chair and vice chair for the board, the number of panel members that can be dismissed by both parties, the responsibilities of the panel chair, and clearly defining that the panel is to include three university support staff and two unclassified professionals/faculty. Revisions to the Appeals Board white paper will be made based on this input. General counsel clarified who would be eligible to vote concerning university support staff, which would include anyone serving in a classified position.

Marden next gave an update on the meeting with administration in which support was given to position descriptions being up-to-date for all employees. A letter from the Alternative Service Committee was sent to the Kansas Board of Regents on the intent to vote. The official results of the vote will be announced by President Kirk Schulz to the regents and the campus community. Human Resources is working on the draft of the university support staff handbook that will be sent to Alternative Service Committee and administration to review. If there is a majority vote in November to convert to university support staff, the statute states there shall be opportunities for affected employees to provide input into the plan that is to be presented to the Kansas Board of Regents. A suggestion was made for a contact form on the Alternative Service Committee website for providing such input.

Barb Nagel provided an update on the meeting with planning and analysis regarding the vote. The electronic vote will include information about university support staff and links to the white papers and handbook. If a paper ballot is requested, the classified employee’s name will be removed from receiving an electronic ballot. Persons voting electronically will receive a daily reminder to vote, once the voting opens, if they have not yet voted.

Having a booth at the Benefits Expo was discussed. A committee was appointed and will work with the Division of Communications and Marketing to work on material to distribute.

Performance evaluations were discussed. Jennifer Gehrt handed out a copy of the new state performance evaluation form. Human Resources has modified it to include suggestions made by classified employees at the discussion groups. There will be training sessions on using the new form beginning the middle of September. The new form will be effective January 2014.

The committee’s Web page, communications, copies of white papers, progress of the plan and announcement of the vote can be found at http://www.k-state.edu/altservcomm/.