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K-State Today

August 30, 2013

Disability Support Services changes name to Student Access Center

Submitted by Andrea Blair

Disability Support Services has changed its name to the Student Access Center.

Why a name change? Over time our society's perceptions of disability has evolved from the idea of complete segregation of disabled people, where the problem is seen as the person's impairment or malfunction, to the model of inclusion, where everyone has equal access to the same services and society is viewed as the problem, causing barriers that inevitably disable people. 

Inclusion is important in order for society to build a positive understanding of disability and so that everyone can be seen as equal and not inferior or superior to others. Staff in the Student Access Center believe in this new model and view disabilities as an integral part of diversity at Kansas State University. We are all responsible for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for students.

We welcome your suggestions. Please do not hesitate to contact us at accesscenter@k-state.edu.