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February 20, 2023

New Inclusive Scholars of Digital Innovation scholarship program to increase access to digital education

Submitted by Alan Boyer

Kansas State University today announced a new inclusive scholarship program for prospective students and working professionals from underrepresented communities as part of the A.Q. Miller School of Media and Communication's new digital innovation degree and certificate programs.

Over the next three years, the Inclusive Scholars of Digital Innovation Program will award $60,000 in scholarships to students from underrepresented communities who pursue the school's new Bachelor of Science in digital innovation in media or certificate in digital engagement. The school of media and communication awards more than $190,000 in scholarships annually.

"It is essential to increase participation of people from underrepresented communities in the digital workforce of the future," said Alan Boyer, professor of practice and assistant director of digital innovation in media in the school of media and communication. "This strategic investment along with our new digital innovation and digital engagement programs are key elements of our pipeline to careers in the digital economy."

Students in the digital innovation in media program, introduced in fall 2022, will earn four credentials: a bachelor's degree, a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation, a certificate in computer science and a certificate in digital engagement. This program prepares students to write compelling content, start their own businesses, code software, build mobile apps, secure networks, design next-gen games, optimize analytics and data, communicate across cultures and more.

Students in the certificate in digital engagement program, introduced earlier this year, will learn how to develop strategies for digital marketing, digital branding, social media and content marketing; manage digital assets; create and manage compelling content across digital platforms; establish an effective digital brand presence and connect with online customers and communities. The certificate can be earned separately or as a part of the digital innovation in media degree.

As digital innovation scholars, students will meet with faculty mentors and participate in recruiting events as they become role models for the digital workforce of the future.

"The inclusive digital innovation scholarship program acknowledges and celebrates students who bring unique perspectives, experiences and talents to our programs," said Greg Paul, professor and director of the school of media and communication. "This scholarship is another example of the school of media and communication and the university's commitment to student success, diversity and inclusion and investing in academic innovation."

Online and on-campus classes for both programs begin in fall 2023. Prospective students who apply to K-State will automatically be considered for a digital innovation scholarship along with other school and university-provided financial aid. Applications are accepted online at k-state.edu/admissions/apply.

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