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February 6, 2023

Director of Honor and Integrity System published

Submitted by Tanya Gonzalez

A recently published book co-edited by Camilla J. Roberts, director of the Honor and Integrity System, provides educators and students with 66 case studies on academic integrity from around the globe.

The book, "Building Honor in Academics: Case Studies in Academic Integrity," is intended to help administrators, faculty and students start conversations around the topic of cheating and academic integrity and what to do when they find themselves faced with it firsthand. The case studies will come from honor code administrators, department leaders, faculty and students across disciplines.

The book is organized around the International Center for Academic Integrity's, or ICAI, six values of academic integrity: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage. These six values manifest in different ways across different institutions, but they are all relevant in the ideal culture of integrity.

The book debuted as the No. 1 new release in higher education administration on Amazon.

A second book, "Academic Integrity in the Caribbean: Plagiarism Policies, Perception, Prevalence and Possible Solutions" by Ruth Baker-Gardner, in which Roberts provided the foreword, has also just been published.

From the foreword, Roberts wrote, "While Dr. Baker-Gardner's background is focused on the Caribbean, readers from all over the world will benefit from her writing. The ICAI does not promote one specific structure to hold individuals accountable, but ICAI does highly encourage institutions to have some way to do so. As Dr. Baker-Gardner explains, this structure must bring in the voices of students, faculty and administrators to truly create a culture of integrity … This book has been written to show the concerns specifically in the Caribbean, but then is a call for all readers across the globe to make real change at their own institutions based on the practical advice and examples she gives."