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February 2, 2022

Request presentations and workshops from the Academic Achievement Center

Submitted by Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center provides services that engage, equip and empower students to be academically and personally successful. Workshops and presentations may be requested by faculty, staff and student organizations.

Our workshops offer an opportunity for students to level up key skills related to academic success. We provide options that range from quick and informational to in-depth sessions with resources and strategies that help students achieve their academic goals. All of our presentations and workshops can be facilitated in person or virtually. Options include:

  • Presentations — 5-15 minutes: Presentations from the center cover a specific topic without a lot of hands-on work or engagement. The intent is to raise awareness about free campus resources.
  • Workshops — 50 minutes: Workshops introduce a typical student experience, take a deep dive to understand challenges, and present several strategies or ways to make progress on those challenges. These sessions are hands on with a high level of student engagement.
  • Skill builders — 10 minutes: A spinoff of highly requested workshops. In our skill-building sessions, we highly engage students to dive into a specific challenge and offer an AAC Success Tool that students might use.

The first weeks of the new semester are important for all faculty, staff and students. Utilizing this service will be beneficial to students as they start off the spring semester.

We ask that any workshop or presentation request be made at least one week in advance to allow for scheduling. To find out more or request a presentation you can visit the Academic Achievement Center website.