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February 2, 2022

Attend a mock moot court class on campus

Submitted by Cole Baker

On Tuesday, Feb. 8, from 6-7 p.m., the Office of Pre-Law Advising will meet in the Wildcat Chamber at the K-State Student Union for an interactive appellate argument class taught by Lumen Mulligan, a KU law professor, on the topic of "This Year’s Big Supreme Court Cases."

Mulligan joined the KU School of Law faculty in 2010. He teaches predominantly civil litigation courses. KU law students have recognized Mulligan for his excellent teaching several times. Mulligan also teaches undergraduate classes in the KU honors program and directs the K-State to KU Law LEAD Program.

In past semesters, we have hosted similar events with Mulligan.

"It was an interesting way to see what a future law class might look like," said junior Aria Knedler. "It taught me about some constitutional precedents as well as skills you need as a lawyer. I definitely plan on going again this year."

This semester, Mulligan will be returning to bring the law school classroom experience to our campus.

Email pre-law@k-state.edu if you have any questions.