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February 1, 2022

Prepare now for expected winter weather conditions

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

With inclement winter weather predicted this week, please take time to prepare. There are actions each of us can take in advance to stay safe. We encourage everyone to read our inclement weather guidelines for important information. While the university will make every effort to keep our students, faculty, staff and visitors informed, ultimately you should make personal safety decisions based on your local conditions. 

This year we have updated our processes and will strive to make decisions as early as possible when winter weather threatens. Given the fickle nature of our Midwestern winters, it is not always easy to predict when and where storms will hit. Our intention is to be more proactive to give people time to prepare, even if that means we err on the side of caution. 

We ask everyone to sign up for K-State Alerts, which is our primary communications channel for weather-related events. The Rave Guardian mobile app is also integrated with the alerts system. As in the past, winter weather updates will also be posted on the K-State homepage

All employees should familiarize themselves with our inclement weather policies.

Supervisors are encouraged to review university and departmental policies and discuss expectations with employees before winter weather hits. Those employees who are deemed essential and will need to report in during a storm should be informed in advance. 

Faculty members should communicate their expectations to students in the event classes cannot be held in person. When winter storms occur, students should contact their professors immediately if unable to safely attend class. 

Let's work together to keep each other safe this winter!