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September 16, 2021

Beneficiary Awareness Week day four

Submitted by Jason Talbert

Today is day four of Beneficiary Awareness Week at K-State.

Previous communications this week provided information regarding what a beneficiary is, when a designation of beneficiary form should be completed, who should make a designation and who can be a beneficiary. Today we are providing you with information on where you can access the designation of beneficiary forms and how to submit them.

Where are designation of beneficiary forms available?

KPERS provides life insurance benefits for all K-State benefits-eligible employees regardless of their participation in either the KPERS or KBOR retirement plans. All employees may complete a designation of beneficiary form on the "Popular Forms" section of the KPERS website. Once completed, these forms should be submitted to HCS benefits by fax, mail, interoffice, or in person at Human Capital Services.

Contact information is provided below:

  • Fax: 785-532-6095
  • Mail/in-person: 103 Edwards Hall, 1810 Kerr Drive, Manhattan, KS 66506

What form(s) need to be completed by a KPERS retirement plan member?

For KPERS members, the Form 7/99 can be completed to designate beneficiary(ies) for both retirement and life insurance benefits. This form is processed by K-State benefits and stored by KPERS. To access your KPERS beneficiary designation information, you will need to set up an electronic account through KPERS. If you have not yet created an account, you can register on the KPERS website

What form(s) need to be completed by a KBOR retirement plan member?

For KBOR members, the Form 7/99A can be completed to designate your life insurance beneficiary(ies). This form is processed by K-State benefits and the beneficiary information is stored internally. To designate retirement beneficiary(ies), a member needs to log into their Voya and/or TIAA accounts and electronically submit or update beneficiary(ies) online.

What form(s) need to be completed by an employee with a Flexible Savings Account or Health Savings Account?

If you have either an FSA and/or HSA, you can use these links for the appropriate forms. Additional information is available on the NueSynergy website, and may be submitted to their office by fax, email or postal mail.

If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to register online for the virtual session on Friday, Sept. 17, at the K-State Beneficiary Education Session Registration link.  

As always, HCS benefits is glad to help. Please contact your support team at benefits@k-state.edu with any questions or concerns.