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K-State Today Student Edition

April 21, 2021

Online summer courses in strategic communications, including social media

Submitted by Jana Thomas

Communities, organizations and businesses need professionals who can effectively communicate — whether through developing and sharing content on social media, a blog, email or company website — through producing a podcast — through crafting advertising and public relations messages that inspire action — and so much more.

The strategic communications program in the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications offers students the opportunity to explore career-specific areas in advertising, social media, digital media, public relations, content creation and media planning. 

If you're looking for a fun and applicable course to take online this summer, consider one of our strategic communications courses with zero pre-requisites.

View the summer schedule

MC 120 Principles of Advertising 
June 7-July 30, K-State 8 course, KSIS No. 12082
Professor email: olsenk@-state.edu

MC 180 Principles of Public Relations 
May 24-July 2, K-State 8 course, KSIS No. 12174
Professor email: danilagree@k-state.edu 

MC 370 Social Media Strategy & Management
June 7-July 30, KSIS No. 12281
Instructor email: janamthomas@k-state.edu

MC 390 Social Media Influencers
June 7-July 30, KSIS No. 12280
Instructor email: janamthomas@k-state.edu 

MC 490 Advertising in a Digital World
May 24-July 30, KSIS No. 12176
Instructor email: alan3402@k-state.edu 

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