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K-State Today Student Edition

April 21, 2021

Computer science courses offered over summer 2021 semester

Submitted by Wynne Reichart

The computer science department is offering introductory courses over the summer of 2021. If you have been interested in taking some courses to fill technical electives or K-State 8 requirements, or are working toward your computer science minor, this would be a great opportunity. 

CIS 115 — Introduction to Computing Science (3)
Distance and meets June 7-July 30
A survey of the discipline of computing science and its interaction with other disciplines, incorporating historical development, theories and tools of computing science — algorithm design and programming. Topics include: mechanical computers, digital computers, bioinformatics, microcontrollers, robotics, security, scientific computing, simulation and web technologies.

CIS 200 — Programming Fundamentals (4)
Distance and meets June 7-July 30
Principles of algorithm design and their application to procedural programming: state, control structures, methods. Patterns of conditional and iterative control structure. Program testing. Introduction to arrays, classes and objects. Programming projects.

CIS 300 — Data and Program Structures (3)
Hybrid and meets June 7-July 30
A study of common data and program structures together with associated algorithms. Topics include interfaces, design patterns, arrays, stacks, queues, lists, trees, hash tables, recursion, binary search, and tree traversals. Experience with both use and implementation of these structures and algorithms using a modern programming language. Discussion of tradeoffs involving performance and software maintainability.

Lists of pre-requisites of each course and their K-State 8 category can be found in the undergraduate catalog. More details of the summer sections offered can be found on the summer 2021 schedule page. If you have questions, please email csoffice@k-state.edu

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