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December 11, 2020

End of semester honor pledge violations

Submitted by Camilla Roberts

Unfortunately, final grading for the semester often leads to some honor pledge violations. As we go through this time period, please review some tips and helpful hints.

The report form is available online. It can also be found on the left-hand toolbar of the Honor and Integrity System website. This online submission is capable of attaching scanned supporting information.

• The policy allows you up to 20 class days to report an alleged violation. The class days — M-F, not when your course actually met — begin when you first suspected/realized there was a violation, but the class days do not count Dec. 14 through Jan. 22, 2021. You are encouraged, however, to submit a report sooner rather than later so that we can inform the student and finalize grades if needed.

• If the student you are reporting is a senior, unless you know that he/she is not planning to graduate this semester, please try to submit that report as soon as possible as your sanction may affect their graduation.

• If you report a violation and sanction the student with a grade change of any aspect of the course, please assign the student an "Incomplete" for your course. Once the case is officially closed, the final grade — with the sanction — can be posted.

• On the "Faculty Tips" page we have also included a section on tips and ideas on how to confront students whom you believe have violated the K-State Honor Pledge and sanctioning options you can assign to the student should he/she be found responsible or not contest the allegation.

• As you plan for the spring semester, you are encouraged to examine the resources on the website and think about requiring your students in the spring to watch our short video on unauthorized aid and collaboration or take our module with a short quiz found on our homepage. Some of the resources include:

Please contact the Honor and Integrity System at honor@k-state.edu or the director, Camilla Roberts, directly at cjroberts@k-state.edu if you have any questions or want to discuss the situation.