Faculty Tips

Please promote integrity, address dishonesty, and become a vital link in helping students develop ethical reasoning. We believe the MAJOR reason to report Honor Pledge violations is to help students grow in the ability to reason through ethical dilemmas. We help students learn to take time when making decisions affecting not only the student, but the community.

Another reason to use Honor Pledge reports is to ensure that repeat Honor Pledge violators are caught. What may seem like a student's first time cheating might actually be a pattern in this student's academic life. A centralized database helps to ensure that pattern behaviors are detected and dealt with in a fair manner.

K-State faculty have TWO options when reporting Honor Pledge violations. Please refer to the Violation Report Form for additional information. Whichever option you use, please inform students about the Honor & Integrity System and its contact information.

Alleged Honor Pledge Violation Report Form

Alleged Honor Pledge Violation Report document. Please complete this online submission capable of attaching scanned supporting information. Please call the office at 532-2595 or email us at honor@ksu.edu if you have any questions.

Syllabus Statement

This is generic and is considered to be a statement of minimum requirements.

Alleged Honor Pledge Violations

Listing of Honor Pledge violations by year. Sometimes helpful to faculty for examples of sanctions given for violations.

Confronting/speaking with/sanctioning students who have violated the K-State Honor Pledge

Tips and ideas on how to confront students whom you believe have violated the K-State Honor Pledge.

Strategies for Tutoring (PDF)

This is generic information to be given to students and tutors as thoughts and leading questions to develop specific guidelines for individual tutors.

Information from Faculty Brown Bags:

Powerpoint from Brown Bag on Technological Impact on Academic Integrity

Powerpoint from Brown Bag on A New Definition of Plagiarism

Handout from Plagiarism Brown Bag

Handout from "When Academic Integrity is Grey"