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K-State Today Student Edition

October 28, 2020

Continued call for survivor/victim stories

Submitted by Natalie Moyer

A small group of students in the fall 2020 LEAD 405 course is conducting a survey to collect survivor/victim stories in efforts to alleviate sexual assault and domestic violence among the K-State community — both on and off campus. You'll find that most questions are optional, so feel free to share as much or as little as you would like.

The stories provided will be shared on an online portal via the Wildcats Against Sexual Violence website to increase education and awareness of sexual assault and domestic violence. Sharing your story can help someone else understand if they are in a dangerous or unhealthy situation and empower them to share theirs. We will also be conducting a photo shoot to promote the resource once fully completed. If you would like to participate in the photo shoot, please view the link below.

Please use this as an outlet to share your story and help someone else in return. You are more than a statistic.

For questions regarding this survey, please contact Carlee Dubbert at carleedubbz@k-state.edu

Access the survey. 

Sign up for the photo shoot.