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October 6, 2020

Deadline extended to Friday, Oct. 9, for International Education Award nominations

Submitted by Office of International Programs

The deadline for International Education Award nominations has been extended to Friday, Oct. 9. Recipients will be honored at the International Education Awards Ceremony on Nov. 19.

International Educator of the Year
Faculty, staff, administrators or other members of the K-State community are eligible for nomination. One individual will be honored for major contributions and sustained commitment to advancing international education at K-State. Major contributions may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following criteria:

  • Developing innovative programs to advance international education within a unit or the university.
  • Recruiting students, faculty and staff from outside the United States.
  • Mentoring international students, faculty and staff.
  • Developing and implementing learning activities that prepare U.S. students for a diverse and global society.
  • Integrating international education into the curriculum.
  • Providing opportunities for professional development and international experiences for faculty and staff.
  • Developing activities that support partnerships with international institutions, visiting scholars and guest lecturers from universities abroad.
  • Contributing to scholarship in an international context.

Based on the award criteria above, submit nominations to oip@k-state.edu with the following documentation:

  • Nomination cover letter detailing why the nominee is deserving of the award (three-page maximum).
  • Curriculum vitae of the nominee.
  • Two letters of support from individuals with university connections, attesting to the nominee's contributions. (three-page maximum each).

International Collaboration Incentive
Recognition of K-State faculty and instructors who are first-time collaborators with an international partner during the most recent full calendar year. International Collaboration in the form of co-publication or joint scholarly activity is a critical component. Eligibility is as follows:

  • K-State tenured, tenure-track faculty or instructors with regular contracts who had their first career publication in peer review journals, book chapters, books or creative work (movies, video, photography, plays among other forms of scholarly activity) in collaboration with one or more faculty member(s) or researcher(s) with a permanent position in a foreign institution as a primary institutional affiliation.
  • For specific criteria regarding recognition eligibility: faculty status is as defined in the University Handbook.
    • The nomination is for a faculty that published (or developed a creative work) for the first time in international collaboration, and not for a publication (or creative work) developed for the first time with a new international collaborator.
    • If the publication includes many K-State authors, the recognition goes to the first K-State author that is publishing for the first time in an international collaboration.
    • The contribution had to be published (or developed) between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 of the most recent full calendar year (i.e., if this nomination happened in the year 2020, work needed to be developed or published during calendar year 2019)
    • An author's contribution while affiliated with another institution does not fit these recognition criteria. The nominee must be an active faculty member at the time of the recognition ceremony to receive this recognition.

Based on the award criteria above, submit nominations to oip@k-state.edu with the following documentation:

  • Relevant department head or unit director must nominate the candidate by submitting a letter certifying the accomplishment. Only one submission per person is allowed.

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