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K-State Today Student Edition

April 27, 2020

Help Manhattan win in Census competition

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

While you may be away from your university home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there's one important way you can help. Remember to take the 2020 Census and be counted the university community you were supposed to be living on April 1. 

Help Manhattan win the Census challenge: Manhattan versus Lawrence issued by Mayor Usha ReddiAs of April 25, Manhattan has a 56.3% response rate, Lawrence has a 59.5% response rate. If by May 15, the Manhattan self-response rate is higher than the Lawrence self-response rate, Mayor Jennifer Ananda will have to wear a K-State jersey at the next Lawrence City Commission meeting. But, if Lawrence's response rate is higher than Manhattan's response rate, Mayor Reddi will wear a KU jersey at the Manhattan City Commission meeting. 

Student Body President Tel Wittmer says it is imperative that students help complete an accurate count for Manhattan for the 2020 Census.

"Not only does this information impact funding for programs during your time in Manhattan, but it will also largely impact students just like you for the next decade," Wittmer said. "Together, we can make sure that students, just like ourselves, can benefit from the same, if not better opportunities for the decade to come. Please take the time to complete the 2020 Census."

The Census Bureau recommends that students be counted in the university community where you would normally be living. Students who live off campus should follow these steps: 

  • Go to my2020census.gov to respond to the Census, regardless if you received the mailer at your house/apartment at school.
  • Click "Start Questionnaire" and then click "If you do not have a Census ID, click here." Respond to the prompts. 
  • Be counted in the community where you were supposed to be residing on April 1. 

"Manhattan, I know you don't want to see me in a KU jersey, so do your part and take the Census," Reddi said. 

The following video explains more.