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November 5, 2019

Q&A with Fulbright Scholar Robinson Cahill

Submitted by Stephanie Jacques

Louise Robinson Cahill

In conjunction with Fulbright Austria, K-State's Oz to Oz Fulbright Scholars Seminar brings senior research scholars to campus to build and develop international partnerships and friendships. Free and open to the public, Louise Robinson Cahill will present "21st Century Skills Education and Training for Industry and Employment" as part of the Oz to Oz Fulbright Scholars Seminar at 10 a.m. Friday, Nov. 8, in 4061 College of Business Building.

This Q&A with Robinson gives the university community an opportunity to learn more about the scholar speaker and reinforces the importance of mutual understanding and education of diverse research topics.

What is your name, title and home institution?

Louise Robinson, director of vocational education and engagement at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

What is your field of study?

I am looking at 21st-century skills training and the intersection between government, industry, community and impact on scholars and public institutions.

How is the Fulbright scholarship helping you increase knowledge of this area?

In the U.S., I have met with representatives from the Department of Education, government policy advisors, regulators, community colleges, schools, not-for-profits and private providers. These meetings have provided insights into new models of skills education to meet new and emerging needs of skills education as well as pathways to sustainable employment outcomes in the students' chosen fields.

A highlight has been the opportunities afforded to attend the Washington Leadership Training Institute annual conference. Here I met national career and technical education student leaders from across USA and attended workshops and forums with their advisors, Skills USA and Association American Community College leadership. These meetings involved learning about skills leadership in the USA, insights into the national agenda as well as adopting and tailoring consistent practice at local levels.

What drives your interest in your research?

As a senior executive, I have a responsibility and keen interest to ensure sustainable delivery of education programs to a range of learners in order to facilitate their entry into employment. I am keen to learn from the U.S. on ground experience to be in a better position to advise government, regulators, educators, industry and key skill stakeholders on new approaches and models to assist our students and communities to engage to improve their opportunities and meet their needs.

Why did you accept the invitation to visit K-State?

I am interested to meet with K-Staters and understand their strategies and effective implementation in relation to their engagement and community development programs, as well as 4-H youth development. I have a current project whereby I engage with two rural vocational education providers in my home state and thought it would be interesting to learn for K-State about their outbound engagement.

Robinson will be on the Manhattan campus from Nov. 5-8. Karen Pedersen, dean of Global Campus, is Robinson's K-State host. During her visit, Robinson will speak with Eric Atkinson, host of "Agriculture Today." That interview, as well as all other Fulbright scholar interviews, are posted on the K-State Research and Extension News page.