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May 13, 2019

Newly elected student leadership at K-State Polytechnic to focus on professionalism, student involvement, club support

Submitted by Julee Cobb

Shanna Walker, left, and Cory Breneman, right.

The new Student Governing Association leaders on the Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus have been sworn in for the 2019-2020 school year and are hoping to use their time in office to improve three different aspects of student life.

Shanna Walker, senior in technology management, Topeka, and running mate Cory Breneman, senior in professional pilot, Wichita, have been elected SGA president and vice president. The pair have decided to continue the efforts of the past administration, which Walker was a part of, focusing on student involvement and have added two additional areas of concentration: professionalism and club support.

As last year's vice president and a member of SGA since her freshman year, Walker says the organization has helped her confidence grow and has presented her with opportunities to build her soft skills, something she believes is a valuable supplement to her education.

"In all of the degrees we offer on the Polytechnic Campus, there is a professional focus and utilizing SGA as a platform that enhances what we are learning in classrooms and labs, that can be very beneficial," Walker said. "I want to work on presenting ourselves in a professional way, in dress and attitude, and I want us to communicate as professionals."

Breneman, who is relatively new to SGA at Kansas State Polytechnic having only served on programming board — a committee within SGA — last semester, is looking to tap into his marketing degree from Wichita State University to assist with broadening club membership and encouraging students to get involved around campus.

"Part of increasing student participation is public relations — helping clubs advertise and get the word out while connecting with students and selling them on the value of the campus experience — and I think my background from my previous degree can complement that," Breneman said. "We're excited to provide small and newly established clubs the support they need to grow while helping veteran clubs continue their legacy. And we look forward to showing students why involvement is purposeful, including creating a social circle and improving mental health."

In addition to leading SGA, Walker works in the Student Life Center on campus as a front desk assistant. She also is a uBelong mentor for incoming students and a peer mentor for Student Support Services, assisting current students with various parts of college life, such as tutoring, setting up advising appointments and finding resources on campus.

A graduate of Cair Paravel-Latin School, Walker began pursing aviation as a teenager with her father's love of the field her inspiration. She currently holds her instrument rating and has made aviation the concentration of her technology management degree. Walker plans to graduate in May 2020 and is exploring being a pilot in the National Guard.

Breneman says living in the Air Capital of the World has always provided him with an interest in aviation and he has long wanted to obtain a private pilot certificate. After graduating from Wichita State University, he set his sights on a career in sales, but experienced difficulty finding a job in the field, so he decided to go back to school at Kansas State Polytechnic. Presently, he is working on his instrument rating and is considering being a demo pilot at Textron or joining a regional airline after earning his degree. Along with serving as SGA vice president, Breneman is a member of Alpha Eta Rho and referees intramural games. He also works two days a week at a restaurant in Wichita.

Other members of Kansas State Polytechnic's SGA include Jon Martin, treasurer; Tanner Hawes, secretary; Alexander Curry, senate chair; Skylar Bender and Eric Webb, engineering technology senators; Jacob Kraus and Logan Ragsdale, aviation senators; and Sabra Hotz, intercampus academic senator.

Walker and Breneman’s term as SGA president and vice president of Kansas State Polytechnic will be for one year.