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K-State Today

April 12, 2019

Quest Freshman Honorary presents 'Thank the Dang Day'

Submitted by Ella Bahr

Quest Freshman Honorary, Blue Key and the K-State student body thank faculty and staff for all that they do for the students at this university. Students will be participating in "Thank The Dang Day," a day of faculty and staff appreciation, by writing thank-you letters to members of the K-State faculty and staff from April 15-18. The letters will be delivered Friday, April 19. 

Though we know you are often underappreciated and that we may frequently test your abounding patience, we acknowledge the integral role you play in shaping us into successful, knowledgeable, and committed members of society. We appreciate your flexibility and willingness to go above and beyond to accommodate students’ many and variable needs. Thank you for your contributions in shaping the future leaders in every capacity; whether we become the future U.S. President or impact lives on a smaller scale, we will attribute our successes to your guidance. You are truly the embodiment of the notorious K-State Family.