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August 21, 2018

Education Abroad thanks faculty, staff for internationalizing K-State classrooms

Submitted by Joe Milostan

Education Abroad recognizes and thanks the K-State faculty and staff who put forth tremendous effort to internationalize their classrooms with an education abroad experience. During the 2017-18 academic year, 50 faculty and staff accompanied their students abroad on both short-term and semesterlong programs.

In collaboration with Education Abroad, these programs were developed in nearly every college and at the Polytechnic campus. Encouraging and increasing student opportunities for learning abroad is a key element in K-State 2025 Internationalization Strategic Action Plan, so we would like to take the time to recognize the faculty and staff who are moving K-State toward reaching those benchmarks.

College of Agriculture

  • Andrew Barkley and Mary Ellen Barkley — International Food and Agribusiness in India, winter break.
  • Kraig Roozeboom and Nathan Nelson — International Experience in Agronomy, Ecuador, spring break. 
  • John Gonzalez — Animal Science in Japan, summer.
  • Gaea Hock — Agricultural Industry in the Czech Republic, summer.
  • Valentina Trinetta and Umut Yucel — Food Industry Tour of Italy, summer.

College of Architecture, Planning & Design

  • Lynn Ewanow, Adriana Molina and Chip Winslow — Italian Studies Program, spring semester. 

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Soumia Bardhan — Intercultural Communications in France and Spain, winter break.
  • Slawomir Dobrzanski — A Musical Journey Along the Danube, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, summer.
  • Rebecca Bender — Intermediate Spanish in the Community — Costa Rica, winter break. 
  • Martha Caldas and Elizabeth Dodd — Exploring Environment and Creative Writing at the Center of the World — Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, summer.
  • Nichole Neuman — K-State in Leipzig — Germany, summer.
  • Soo-Hye Han — Intercultural Communications in Japan, summer.
  • Douglas Dow — History of Italian Art and Architecture, K-State in Italy, summer. 
  • Erin Wiersma — Orvieto Sketchbook, K-State in Italy, summer. 
  • Scott Tanona — Science and Religion in the Italian Renaissance, K-State in Italy, summer.
  • Alessia Salamina — Italian for Travelers, K-State in Italy, summer.
  • Andrew Smith — Photography and Visual Storytelling, K-State in Italy, summer. 

College of Business Administration

  • Swinder Janda and Bente Janda — International Marketing: Marketing in Europe — Spain and Italy, fall break.
  • Swinder Janda — International Business — Germany, Italy, spring break.
  • David Lehman — International Business — China, winter break.
  • John Morris and Jane Bloodgood — Accounting International Experience — Ireland, summer.
  • Jaebeom Suh — Introduction to Marketing, K-State in Italy, summer.

College of Human Ecology

  • Kim Hiller — Apparel and Textiles in Guatemala, winter break.
  • Kristy Archuleta and HanNa Lim — Advanced Professional Issues in FSHS — Belgium, Netherlands, summer.
  • Mary DeLuccie and Barbara Hammerli — Children and Families in a Cultural Context — Italy, summer. 
  • John Buckwalter and Shawna Jordan — International Healthcare Experience, Paraguay, summer.
  • Bronwyn Fees and Rebekah Meitler — Problems in Early Care and Education, Paraguay, summer.
  • Kadri Koppel and Delores Chambers — From Farm to Fork in Estonia and Finland, summer.
  • Betsy Barrett, Pat Pesci and Kelly Whitehair — Italian Food and Wine, K-State in Italy, summer.

Kansas State Polytechnic Campus

  • Fred Guzek — International Project Management and Intercultural Communications, Germany and Switzerland, spring break.

College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Walter Renberg — Veterinary Study Tour, Costa Rica, summer.

Special thanks to the following K-State faculty and staff who also played a significant role in the development of these education abroad programs:

  • College of Agriculture: Tamie Redding and Don Boggs
  • College of Architecture, Planning & Design: Becky O'Donnell
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Louise Benjamin and Derek Hillard
  • College of Human Ecology: Shawna Jordan

If you are interested in developing an education abroad opportunity for your students, please contact abroad@k-state.edu