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K-State Today Student Edition

April 26, 2018

Develop your conflict resolution knowledge and skills

Submitted by Hunter Stanfield

During the fall 2018 semester, the School of Family Studies and Human Services is offering two sections of FSHS/CNRES 300 — Introduction to Conflict Resolution, which is an eight-week, online course designed for students of all majors and programs across the university.

The course is a survey of conflict resolution strategies that will provide students with the knowledge and relevant skills to be better classmates, friends and co-workers in their future careers. Emphasis is given equally to foundational concepts of how to manage conflict more effectively as well as activities that allow students to practice these new skills. The seven major topics covered include the psychology of conflict, communication and conflict, intrapersonal and interpersonal conflict, conflict in families and across cultures, conflict in organizations and the workplace, negotiation and mediation.

The course counts toward K-State 8 — Social Sciences and Ethical Reasoning and Responsibility — the Human Development and Family Science minor, and Conflict Analysis and Trauma Studies, or CATS, minor elective.

Enroll through KSIS. The instructor contact is Hunter Stanfield at mhstanfield@k-state.edu.