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March 26, 2018

Forty-one Kansas State University faculty members granted sabbatical leave

Submitted by Ruth Dyer

Kansas State University is granting sabbatical leave to 41 faculty members during the 2018-2019 school year.

The purpose of a sabbatical leave is to provide faculty members with the opportunity for scholarly and professional enrichment. Sabbatical leaves allow faculty to pursue advanced study, conduct research studies, engage in scholarly and creative activities, or secure appropriate industrial or professional experience. Once faculty members return from their sabbaticals, they are expected to share the knowledge and experience they gained with their students, colleagues and the Kansas State University community.

Faculty members being granted sabbatical leave include:

David Ben-Arieh, industrial and manufacturing engineering; Kevin Bernstein, art; Ivan Blank, mathematics; Bill Blankenau, economics; Brian Briggeman, agricultural economics; Doina Caragea, computer science; Yang-Ming Chang, economics; Necia Chronister, modern languages; Sabri Ciftci, political science; Geraldine Craig, art; Melinda Cro, modern languages; Gregory Davis, horticulture and natural resources; Asad Esmaeily, civil engineering; Lucia Garavito, modern languages; Philip Gayle, economics; Soo-Hye Han, communication studies; Ganga Hettiarachchi, agronomy; Mark Hollingsworth, chemistry; Angela Hubler, gender, women, and sexuality studies; Siny Joseph, School of Integrated Studies; Megan Kennelly, plant pathology; Alison Knoblauch, English; Jun Li, chemistry; Chii-Dong Lin, physics; Jon Mahoney, philosophy; Brent Maner, history; Heather McCrea, history; Roger McHaney, management; Joshua Oppenheim, music, theatre and dance; Bryan Orthel, apparel, textiles and interior design; Kristy Pederson-Archuleta, family studies and human services; Robert Peterman, civil engineering; Anne Phillips, English; Jeff Pickering, political science; Om Prakash, biochemistry and molecular biophysics; Sarah Riforgiate, communication studies; Bruce Schultz, anatomy and physiology; Susan Sun, grain science and industry; Lisa Tatonetti, English; Tesfaye Tesso, agronomy; and Tushabe wa Tushabe, American ethnic studies.

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