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March 13, 2017

Updates to shared leave policy

Submitted by Human Capital Services

K-State's shared leave policy is an optional medical leave program for all benefit eligible employees with at least six months of continuous service who are experiencing a physical or mental health condition that is serious, extreme, or life-threatening and who have exhausted their leave balances. Shared leave covers the duration of the medical condition, up to a maximum of six months.

Human Capital Services recently reviewed this policy and calibrated it with other Kansas Board of Regents universities as well as state of Kansas policies. Effective March 10, the following changes have been made to the shared leave policy:

Extension requests — Extension requests may be made when an employee was approved for shared leave and was awarded fewer than the maximum allowable number of hours. If the employee's physician indicates he or she is not able to return and the employee needs more time to cover the duration of the medical condition, an extension of hours may be requested. The employee may be awarded up to the total maximum amount of shared leave hours.

Intermittent leave requests — Intermittent leave allows employees to work and complete treatments when needed. If intermittent shared leave is needed, an employee must submit a completed shared leave application with the medical documentation. Once approved for intermittent shared leave, the employee may be awarded intermittent shared leave in three-month increments. Once the three months have expired, the employee must resubmit the shared leave request with updated medical documentation.

Once an application for shared leave is approved, the awarding of leave is dependent upon the availability of leave donated by other employees. The full shared leave policy can be found in the K-State Policies and Procedures Manual.

Questions? Please contact benefits@k-state.edu

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