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K-State Today Student Edition

March 9, 2017

A letter from President Myers

Submitted by President Richard Myers

Dear K-State students,

With Fake Patty's Day this Saturday, please know your safety is important to all of us at K-State. Participating in the day's activities is a personal choice, and you can have a great time without drinking. Whatever your choice, I encourage you to make smart decisions, know your limits and keep the following in mind:

  • Drink water and eat regularly.
  • Look out for each other. There is safety in numbers and caring for others in the K-State family is what we do.
  • Plan ahead as parking will be limited.
  • SafeRide will operate between noon and 3 a.m. Plan now by checking routes: www.k-state.edu/saferide
  • Law violations can mean a significant hit to your finances. For example, a minor in possession can cost up to $750. Reports to police during Fake Patty's Day often involve noise, drinking and parking. Laws will be enforced and tickets will be issued for violators.
  • Be aware that gathering on rooftops and drinking in the streets are not allowed in Manhattan. Roofs are not made to support multiple people at one time and can be very dangerous, not to mention illegal.

K-State, along with our partners — the city of Manhattan, the Riley County Police Department, Manhattan Fire Department and local business owners — want you to take care of yourselves, the K-State family and the community that we all share. We should all be proud of K-State's national ranking for great campus and community relations. Help your university maintain this outstanding reputation by showing respect to one another and our community. Please have fun, be safe and make your K-State family proud.

Richard B. Myers