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K-State Today Student Edition

October 10, 2016

Find academic support, success during midterms and beyond

Submitted by Pat Bosco

As you prepare for midterms, remember all the ways K-State can help you and other students find academic support and success. Many of these are at no cost and built around your schedule. As part of the K-State family, it is important we continue to help one another find these important services.

The tutoring center in Holtz Hall offers free scheduled and walk-in tutoring in a large variety of subjects. It is never too late to apply for scheduled tutoring or to walk in to a session.

The Writing Center in the English/Counseling Services Building offers feedback at all stages of the writing process. The center can help you gain awareness of writing strategies; improve writing assignments or non-academic writing; and increases confidence and ownership in writing. Make an appointment.

The Academic Coaching Program supports students' successes and academic goals. One way is to visit with  professors during office hours — a direct correlation to higher grades. Start thinking like a top scholar by using these four easy guidelines for office visits:

  1. Find out when: Either posted on the syllabus, on your canvas course page or just ask.
  2. Know why: Show you want a connection with the teacher and seek answers to help yourself in class.
  3. What to bring: Show up on time and with a pencil and paper.
  4. How to be: Be alert and prepared with a few topical questions related to the class and content discussed.

The Academic Assistance Center offers free academic and life skills development workshops for student groups or living communities. They also have free academic coaches by appointment. This semester, the center's supplemental instruction programs are helping more than 1,400 students to compare notes, discuss challenging concepts, share study and test-taking strategies and demonstrate learning.

K-State's Counseling Center offers enrolled students up to four free individual sessions per fiscal year. Do you know a friend who could use some help but who isn't enrolled? No problem, K-State may still be able to help with one session or information/referral to resources in the local community. Please take advantage of this opportunity by making an appointment online or in person.

As you can see, support is all around the university. Let's work together for everyone's success.

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