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K-State Today Student Edition

January 22, 2016

Recruiting participants for breakfast bowl study

Submitted by Jiyoung

Jiyoung Kim, graduate student in human nutrition, is conducting research for her master's thesis and needs participants for a study. 

The study investigates if physical activity and resistant starch have impact on gut fermentation — whether what we eat, how much exercise or physically active we are — can actually impact our bacteria in the gut. 

Qualified participants are individuals who exercise fewer than 90 minutes per week and are a nonsmoker, have no signs or symptoms of chronic diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases and have not used antibiotics in the past three months.

If you are willing and qualified to participate or have questions, email Jiyoung Kim at jiyoungk@k-state.edu.

Participants will be measured by body composition such as height and weight, and wear a wristband to measure physical activity for seven consecutive days.

After returning the wristband, participants will schedule a meeting for actual trials. Trials will include consuming a breakfast bowl and lemonade two separate days. While participants consume the food, they must stay at the lab for six hours, and have fasted for 12 hours. During the six hours, testing will involve finger pricking and exhaling into a tube. 

Participants will receive $60 when the study is complete.

The research study has been reviewed and approved by the Kansas State University Institutional Review Board and assigned the project number 7901.