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K-State Today

November 9, 2015

Letter from the Vice President for Student Life Pat Bosco

Submitted by Pat Bosco

Recent events around the country provide an opportunity for this university to reaffirm our commitment to respect, human dignity and social justice. At our school, we strongly support the principles of community and continue efforts to provide a welcoming, supportive and, most importantly, a responsive climate for our students, faculty and staff. Sadly, racism and other forms of discrimination exist everywhere, including here. This is not the K-State way.

It's our job to make sure everyone has the chance to be successful — in the classroom, at work and in our communities. This is America 2015 and we must all do better…now. By living these principles, we provide all K-Staters a voice to show respect for one another and recognize every person's value.

We pledge to educate, listen, and respond to anything that interferes with success at our university. We know we are not perfect, but we care and want to do better. Our hearts of purple are extended to all who are working toward ending all kinds of discrimination on college campuses.

As members of the K-State family, we all can be part of the solution by speaking up when we see something that we know is not right. Administrators cannot be everywhere nor do you want us to be. Let's all ask ourselves: "What can I do to make a difference and encourage change?" Educate yourself, be a role model for positive action, help others and speak up.

Please help us continue to make all in our family feel welcome.