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November 6, 2015

K-State Student Union employees present at ACUI regional conference

Submitted by Arthur White

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K-State Student Union employees will present at the Region II Association of College Unions International conference this week.

Audrey Taggart-Kagdis, marketing director, and Beth Bailey, program director, will lead presentations in their respective fields at the conference.

The regional conference is Nov. 6-8 at the University of Kansas. In 2011, Association of College Unions International established a task force to better implement its programs. As a result, it was restructured into eight regions in 2014.

The K-State Student Union was placed in Region II along with other student unions from Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Mexico. The intention of the conference is to raise the performance of student unions across the region through engaging speakers and education sessions. Topics include "the importance of assessment and how it improves our work" and "finding the 'why,' the purpose and the passion in our day-to-day work."