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K-State Today Student Edition

February 14, 2012

Positive healing after trauma

Submitted by Heather Trangsrud

How can I positively heal after a traumatic experience?

Joining a support group can be a positive way to help in the healing process for individuals affected by sexual assault or other trauma and can help with managing emotions or figuring out how to take care of yourself.

Who is the Trauma Recovery Group for?

  • Women students currently enrolled in classes at K-State, and who are
  • Survivors of sexual violence, such as sexual assault, rape, or incest/child abuse.

What will group do?

The goals of the group are to:

  • Gain support from other women survivors,
  • Reduce shame/guilt/self-blame you may be feeling,
  • Promote empowerment, and
  • Develop skills to maintain healthy relationships.

I’m scared about joining group.

It is not uncommon for individuals to have a lot questions and fears about joining such a group. Members from previous Trauma Recovery Groups have freely and anonymously offered the following quotes about their experience in group:  

"I was worried about the stigma of going to counseling because I already felt weak and I thought that maybe going to the group was a concrete acknowledgement of my weakness. But the trauma group ended up being a place of strength for me. Being able to communicate with women that have experienced what I have and knowing that it was a judgment free zone was priceless. My group was there for me on my sunshine and rain days. I found a support system that I will never forget." 

"I was scared that going to the trauma group I would just be re-hashing my assault story - but instead we talked about how the assault has affected me. I have been able to relate to the women in my group, and learn coping tactics from the wonderful group leaders. I felt like the group helped me move forward yet, did not expect me to forget." 

"I tried reaching out to many systems of support and none of them helped me as much as the trauma group. I found a sisterhood with the ladies, and a safe zone. I could talk about anything from family to school to general anger or sadness, medication, relationships, and rediscovering myself. We talked about now and how it is affecting my life – which has helped me live my life."


Are services confidential? What other services do you have? Other questions about Trauma Recovery Group?

  • Yes! K-State Counseling Services provides confidential services to students and is not included in the new federal guidelines under Title IX.
  • Information about or other services such as individual counseling, group counseling, career services, and biofeedback can be found at www.k-state.edu/counseling/.
  • Other questions regarding Trauma Recovery Group can be answered by contacting Heather Trangsrud at 785-532-6927.
  • More information about the new Title IX regulations can be found at www.k-state.edu/womenscenter/titleix.

What about men survivors of sexual violence?

We acknowledge that men also experience sexual violence. If you are needing support, please call K-State counseling services at 785-532-6927 to set up an individual counseling appointment. You may also want to contact our group coordinator, Katie Tolle (Brown), to express interest in a men survivors trauma recovery group.