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October 7, 2015

Kids needed for a kinesiology and nutrition research study

Submitted by Stephanie Kurti

A research study investigating the influence of lifestyle — physical activity and diet — on airway function and other health outcomes is looking for children volunteers ages 8-12 years of age to participate.

Please contact Stephanie Kurti at stephkurti@k-state.edu if you are interested in having your child participate in this study. The child will be required to come in for two visits to the laboratory.

The first visit is a breathing test, with hypertonic saline, and a variety of measures will be collected to test airway health. The second visit will be an exercise test, in which airway function will be assessed before and after exercise. Overall, each visit will take one to two hours, depending on how quickly your child is able to complete the pulmonary function testing. 

All the tests are noninvasive and have been performed in our laboratory many times. We also will have physical activity monitors, diet recall logs and measurements of body composition. All your child's health data will be available to you upon completion of the testing. 

For the kids, we will be giving out prizes after completing each day of testing.

The K-State University Institutional Review Board has approved this research and assigned it project number 7833.

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